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We have plenty of reasons (singlesJAEN)

We have plenty of reasons

We have every reason to create a comprehensive platform for separated, divorced, single and widowed people.

And although it is a thorny issue that I am going to expound on next, it is something that we have to know, talk about and deal with in order, as far as possible, to find a solution to it.

Suicide rates in Spain are skyrocketing to unprecedented levels and this, paradoxically, in the middle of a period of communication where loneliness, as we knew it, should be solved with a simple phone call or a chat where, in a matter of seconds, we are connected to half the world.

The figures speak for themselves.

If we go to the area between Jaén and Córdoba (our land) the figures are even more painful.

In addition, the drama behind the (ever-increasing) divorces, the precariousness, loneliness, isolation, incomprehension... the suffering and unhappiness added to all this, is now unspeakable.

In any case, they do better than they do, as recent statistics show in the soup kitchens, where 90 percent of their diners are divorced men.

And even though we intuit it, because in today's society, which is sometimes so unsympathetic, the life of the divorced (especially men) is not a bed of roses.

We cannot give a solution to each one's personal problems, but we can at least re-establish affective ties where, for whatever reason, they have deteriorated or broken all affection for other people.

I would be pleased if you could give me a little idea with these lines to solve this enormous problem that is bleeding the country and, in particular, our land.

At singlesJAEN, which aims to be open to people from all over the world and not just from Jaén, we want to make the motto of our hymn in Andalusia stand out: "We want to go back to being what we were, men of light that we gave to men, the soul of men" and we are also going to give full meaning to the motto of our platform: "We may be single now, okay... but in this family, no one is ever alone."

We are not going to make our group a valley of tears, but we are going to try to have as much fun as possible, where the encounter, the fraternity, the joy, the opportunity that life offers us... are the common thing.

Although there will be activities for fun, there will also be a large number of them for reflection, encounter, personal and group growth, for bonding with ourselves and with the whole.

That is why I insist on what was said in our singlesJAEN manifesto:

...it is very important that if you want to join the group you get involved and cohere with it, collaborate, participate in whatever you are able and willing to do, with the virtue or ability or gift that, for sure, you have. Share, give, offer your knowledge or your virtue.... show generosity to the rest and the rest will give, offer and share their virtue with you.

There's no room here for opportunism and picaresque.

One's freedom ends where another person's freedom begins. If you are not willing to respect each other, this is not your place. If you are not willing to share, to get involved, to offer yourself, to be more kind, to be more polite, to be more courteous and to be more tolerant towards others, it would be better if you stopped reading and left the web, because, I insist, this is not the place for you. Love as a couple and, in all its forms, consists in sharing freely.

That said, friends, now all that remains is for us to do our bit together so that, together, we can make our group the best possible in our area (and also a reference for the rest of the provinces) for ourselves and, therefore, because we have plenty of reasons to do so.

Antonio Ángel, singlesJAEN.com platform manager

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