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Us, the singlesJAEN the Spain in Andalucía


The singlesJAEN.com platform is made up of men and women exclusively without a stable partner, to help us and other single, separated, divorced and/or widowed people, especially from the area of Jaén (but also from other places beyond Jaén) who have the intention of finding a partner and the will to undertake a common relationship, as far as possible and/or, at least, to alleviate the loneliness that sometimes comes with not sharing life with another like-minded person.

Having said this, we will try to do so by holding civic activities of all kinds, with dialogue, with fraternity, in tolerance and understanding, respectful... by building bridges where there were or are personal walls, or by problems of living in rural villages, or by social prejudices and taboos, or by shyness in speaking between men and women, or by whatever personal or social circumstance.

For the purposes described, we will try everything possible from the legitimate, with the ingenuity that we are capable of, be it meetings and events that enhance friendship, solidarity, equality, dialogue, the you to you face to face. All this, to avoid, among other things, the loneliness that sometimes comes with not sharing life with another person and personal and social isolation.

This website and everything related to the groups, will try to maintain with donations, advertising and commissions that could be negotiated, which in any case, never involves any expense to the user, because access and use is free and attendance at events, free.

Therefore, it is very important that if you want to join the group you get involved and cohesive with it, collaborate, participate in whatever you are able to do, link, spread the word, liaise... lend a hand in whatever you want, with the virtue or ability or gift that, for sure, you have. Share, give, offer your knowledge or your virtue.... show generosity to the rest and the rest will give, offer and share their virtue with you.

There's no room here for opportunism and picaresque. One's freedom ends where another person's freedom begins. If you are not willing to respect each other, this is not your place. If you are not willing to share, to get involved, to offer yourself, to be more kind, to be more polite, to be more courteous and to be more tolerant towards others, it would be better if you stopped reading and left the web, because, I insist, this is not the place for you. Love as a couple and, in all its forms, consists in sharing freely.

Nor do we have any taboos for dialogue, no matter what the subject matter, more than anything else because the group is made up of mature adults and that we are going to allow ourselves to be human as long as we are human, and we understand the space to be healthy also for mischief, for courtship, for the subtlety of the art of meeting with others. Everyone's freedom, male or female, is unquestioned. We've taken Cupid, his arrows and his bow. We're on a first-name basis with the devil to earn our keep.

It is possible that we may have to move away from things, distort them, disfigure them, maintain the duration of sleep, and the very sleep that each one yearns for, because we dream because we dream because we are awake. We go further to meet, to impose the law of coincidence on chance and destiny. For this reason, we, the couple from Jaén, honest, aware of the challenge of not lying to us, of not lying, of not deceiving or deceiving us, with a firm will of shared joy, are the exception and the virtuous danger.

We are a formal, sensible and mature group that courageously bets on the opening of a different experience, to grow day by day in all areas, to create coincidence, to take today from a different and positive perspective, with freshness in the experience, with a view to other possible horizons for a future as a couple or, at least, not in solitude, especially in small towns with more difficulty and crudeness.

It is not a place to search for sex, because, in this sense, there are already resources on the net for those who want it, but it consists mainly of promoting possible stable relationships, each one with the luck that the destiny and their good work may bring. We want to build bridges, and we help, but we can't work miracles.

We know that no one has a manual of life's instructions at the mold of each one, nor perhaps the solution to their loneliness, nor do we believe that there exists the perfect encounter, nor the remedy to close today's gaps of yesterday, with their lights and shadows, if any still keep them open, and we know that there may not be the perfect person or perfect couple but we are not going to stand by while life goes on, but we are going to venture, to break the shields and taboos of the past to bring out the best in ourselves, the love, love and humanity that inhabits us...and maybe we have to improvise, improvise our day. 

Maybe we should, for that, lose the ground for once! Float! Float! Err! Be crazy! It is possible that we must add to virtue a grain of madness. Our amazement: the dignity of madness, for once. 

In principle, the group is limited to the area of Jaén and province, but we do not establish any kind of barrier and therefore, people are welcome from anywhere, regardless of sex, race, religion, nationality, status or any other social or personal condition as long as it respects the purpose of the group, has a normal civic behavior and know how to be, as well as the willingness to interact and participate and get personally involved with the group, especially so that it does not become a mere exchange of virtual messages, in a vacuum over time, as happens in many social dating networks that are often fruitless, hollow in content or not very edifying. 

We will establish affinity with other groups of people without partners, mainly because of their proximity, from Córdoba, Granada, Almería, Málaga, Ciudad Real... as well as from the rest of Spain and Portugal and also from other places in the world with trips and events of all kinds that come to mind and that, as far as possible, we could afford, whoever can afford it. There is no incompatibility of membership in this group with other groups that may have been created. Here no one is left over and we can all find our place.

The platform is not part of any political class and is completely secular, having a mixed character, that is to say, both men and women of different ages can participate, mainly those who go beyond the age of thirty, since it is especially from this age group onwards where the greatest number of single people in a situation of loneliness, disorientation, loss of social faculties to relate and who need, perhaps, advice, support or guidance to rebuild their life as a couple, if that were their wish. As far as possible, we will create specific groups for each reasonable age group and also, in turn, by area based on proximity criteria.

We are aware of the challenge posed by this enormous effort, and even more so without any budget, but here we are, men and women with endless positive intentions, available with the best of our smiles, without demands, without pretexts, with a firm will to live in the present and build a different future.

Do you have any questions? Maybe they're already answered.

Anyway, we're single now... okay, but in this family, no one is ever alone.

From here and from now on, my thanks.

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